In addition to working for my very busy clients, I have been getting educated in Adobe InDesign through the Arlington County adult education program. You can't beat the price and selection, from an Acting Workshop to Windows 10. You can view their course list here.

Locally in the metro DC area, you can also find Abstract Painting to Zumba on the DC Department of Parks of Recreations course list, while Fairfax County offers classes here Basic Budgeting to Web Design.

2. Are You Primed for Amazon Prime Now?

How many times have you been stuck without an umbrella hat and no time to run out to the store?

Well, Amazon Prime members, click here to see if you live in a Prime Now location. If you do, you can now order that hat and receive it in an hour.

Click on the Shop by Department button to see all the items available for quick delivery. And for added fun, click on the Order from Restaurants button to see which restaurants could be delivering your dinner tonight.

Prime Now delivers from early morning to late evening seven days a week. For most orders, you choose your delivery window during checkout and choose free 2-hour delivery or 1-hour delivery in select cities for $7.99.

3. Don't Hurt Yourself Moving Dropbox Photos

A client recently asked me to move a huge amount of photos off Dropbox to her computer. Bad news: Dropbox doesn't make this task intuitive or efficient. Good news: Billable hours.

If you want to move your photos:
View your photos as a timeline rather than one big list. This grouped them into smaller batches. Right-click on the date above the first photo in the group. Right-click again over any photo and you will see an option to Download. Once you accept this option, the photo group is downloaded to a zip file. (From there, I moved the zip files to a flash drive.)

1. Is Your iPhone Watching You?

Attention iPhone users who have downloaded the latest update and aren't happy about Apple following your every move with the new Frequent Locations setting:

Head on over to your Settings and scroll down to Privacy > select Location Services. Scroll way down to the bottom and select System Services to make sure Frequent Locations is toggled off. Don't forget to tap the Clear History button to delete all pre-existing saved location data.

2. Georgetown Cupcake App

Georgetown Cupcake has an app, making weight gain all the more convenient--with reward points. You can also use the app to send cupcakes nationally and for local delivery. Available on iTunes and Android.

3. Make Space in your Gmail Account

A client got a message from Gmail saying she was about to be maxed out on her free space. Choosing not to opt-in for their paid space, she asked me to delete some old emails. There were thousands, so I was so thankful to find this article by David Nield offering an efficient method.

4. Use Tile Tracker to Find your Phone

Attention Boss People who have the Tile tracker app on your phone and the tracker on your keychain or elsewhere: Did you know you can use the Tile to locate your phone? Just double-click the tracker and you'll hear your phone. It works both ways.

5. Be Like Beyonce: Get Verified on Twitter

If you are a Twitter user, you know that the check mark to the right of your name indicates you've been "verified". Until recently, this option was only available to the Twitter elite. Click here to find out how you can join the A-team.

6. Gift Alert

Turn that t-shirt collection into a comfy quilted blanket. Your Personal Assistant had one made through the talented (and fast) Keli Manz of Etsy. In addition to my son's t-shirts, I sent her his childhood flannel duvet cover for the underside. She can also put t-shirts on both sides.