1. Phoning it In

August seems like a super opportune time to rerun--er, review--the five mobile phone-related items most visited by Boss People:

Personal Hotspot Efficiency

Read here to be reminded how you can use the Personal Hotspot function on your phone to connect your iPad or laptop to the internet should you want to use either in an area without WiFi. April 2014

Out with the Old, in with the Moolah

Click here to consider trading in your old mobile phones for an Amazon gift card or dollars. September 2015

Time to Get Out of the Starbucks Line!

Are you still in line? Pull up your Starbucks app and look for Mobile Ordering. December 2015

Broken Phone--Who Ya Gonna Call?

Remember this phone repair service that will come to you? November 2015

STAT: Add Emergency ID Info to Your Phone

Super duper feature: Once inputted, your basic medical information is accessible to emergency workers from your lock screen should you be unable to communicate. January 2016

2. Rock the Vote from Afar

Will you be in town Tuesday, November 8th? If not, this is a good time to start the application process for an Absentee Ballot. Below are links to the Washington metro area applications. To find a ballot in another state, do an internet search for your state's absentee ballot request form.




3. AirDrop Control

To the iPhone users who utilize the efficient AirDrop option which enables the seemingly magic transfer of files between supported Mac computers and iOS devices: isn't it an amazing invention?

For a long time, Your Personal Assistant found the task of locating the AirDrop-ped file to took some of the joy out of the quick transfer. But an internet search found a blogger who brought the joy back with these simple instructions on how to create folder on my desktop. Thanks, Jimmy!

1. iPhone Security Update 9.3.5

Apple released a security update last week in response to a dangerous malware threat. Despite the fact that this update has been deemed "highly critical," Your Personal Assistant and others never received an update notification. If you haven't either, go to Settings>General>Software Update to see if the update is there. For more information, read here.

2. 20% Off Code from Anthropologie Anyone?

Click here to complete a 5-minute survey about gift shopping and get a 20% off code good until Tuesday, September 6th.

3. Learn a Language on the Go

To brush up on the native language of our next vacation destination, check out the free and easy-to-use Duolingo app. Being accessible on your phone and tablet makes it convenient to find practice time.

4. What to Watch Tonight?

The New York Times offers a free email subscription to "get the most out of your screen time with movie and TV recommendations, new, and commentary from New York Times experts." Given the many options for viewing these days, it's been very helpful to Your Personal Assistant.

5. Tasty Enough for a President

If you are in the Nation's Capital, maybe you'd like to try one of nine Obama-tested restaurants?

6. Hostess Gift Alert

Here's a clever ceramic plate for your tea lover's tea bags. Just $12.00 down at my favorite Old Town gift store, Red Barn Mercantile, or $10.95 plus shipping from Fishs Eddy. (At Amazon, though, it's featured at $29.46, which confirms this article about Amazon pricing not always being the best option.)