1. Scanner Pro Mobile Scanning

You might remember that one upon a time my heart belonged to a mobile scanner app called Turboscan.

Well, fiddle-dee-dee, I've moved on over to Scanner Pro. As with the Turboscan app, it's easy to scan a document or photo into a JPEG or PDF, but the Scanner Pro images are sharper and more vibrant, and it does a better job of automatically detecting the page edges and perspectives. It also has a nifty feature to lock up your PDF image before sending. Scanner Pro is available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android.

2. Online Shopping Trick to Treat

Think back. Have you noticed that if you leave something in an online shopping cart, sometimes the merchant will follow up with an email offering you a discount to entice you to close the deal? It happened to Your Personal Assistant a few times over the holidays.

So after creating a pricey order of graduation announcements with Tiny Prints and finding no helpful discount promotions (and since my client wasn't in a hurry), I thought I'd see what would happen if I left the order in the check-out cart for a time.

Sure enough, a few days later Tiny Prints kindly sent an email to my client offering a "private sale" promo code offer for 20% off "announcements", plus free shipping. But hold your horses -- after two days she got another "private sale" offer of 25% off and free shipping. SOLD!

3. Ad Blocking With 1Blocker

You are reading an interesting article on your phone when oh-hello, suddenly you are rudely interrupted by an ad blinking on your screen.

iPhone users can now say "No More!" with an app that can block such pop-up ads, as well as prevent tracking and those unwanted inedible cookies, all while reducing data usage and load time. PC Magazine deems 1Blocker their Editor's Choice Winner. Be prepared for some potential push back. After clicking on an article from Forbes, I got a message box: Please turn off your ad blocker in order to continue. To thank you for doing so, we're happy to present you with an ad-lite experience. I moved along, but 1Blocker does allow you to customize your ad-blocking if you want to allow ads on certain sites. Basic blocking service is free, and full service costs $2.99.

1Blocker only works on Safari, the iPhone default browser. It doesn't work on Android phones, since their default browser is Chrome, which won't block ads. But Fortune offers alternatives for Android owners here.

4. Potholezilla

Boss People outside the Metro DC area, give us a moment here:

Snowzilla may be gone, but it lives on among the countless potholes the blizzard left behind. If you want to report a pothole, click below.



Virginia (Arlington)

Washington DC

Read here for information on filing a claim for pothole damage done to your car.

5a. Google Newspapers

Bored with the current news cycle? Check out Google New's link to view over 100 years' worth of Kardashian-free archived newspapers from around the world.

5b. My 80's TV

Or maybe all you Wanna Do Is Have Fun visiting the 1980's. Fer sure. Click here to find a free TV that will take you back to the righteous shows, soaps, video, music, and more of your gnarly 80's past.

5c. Can I Stream It

Now that you've lost all hope for productivity today, you might as well go ahead and relax with a movie or show that you've been meaning to stream. To easily determine where it can be streamed -- Netflix, Amazon Prime, iTunes, and more -- visit Can I Stream It. If the movie/show is available, you'll also find out if it's at a purchase or rental rate.

6. Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

For the He-Man in your life, you might consider a rush order from Man Crates. They offer a variety of gift baskets, er, crates. Their policy "is to treat every order like we're Jack Bauer and it's a rush order from the President." Wish I knew a dad in the making -- the New Dad Tactical Bag is fun.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can get the Kate Spade Treat Yourself Bag quickly and add a gift card to her favorite store and/or spa salon. Plus a big box of chocolates, of course.