1. STAT: Add Emergency ID Info to Your Phone

ER workers are spreading the word that options have been added to mobile phones that allow you to input your basic medical information in case of an emergency. Once inputted, the information is accessible from your lock screen and emergency workers know to look for it on your phone in the event you are unable to communicate.

iPhone users: The graphic above with the red heart is your default Health app icon. Look for it on your phone. I'll wait.

Now open the app and look for the Medical ID option in the bottom right hand corner. Select it and enter your name, date of birth, emergency contacts, medical conditions, blood type, and prescriptions, if you have any you regularly use. Once you are done doing this, you'll notice the word "Emergency" in the bottom left of the lock screen. Try tapping it, and you'll see that it takes you back to your medical ID information, which an ER worker will apparently know to do should you ever, um, meet.

Android users: You can purchase an app called ICE, In Case of Emergency here for $3.99.

PC Magazine has more information and other suggestions here.

2. And How About the DMV Emergency Program?

Delawarians, Floridians, Marylanders, Ohioans, and Virginians: Drive proud, your state is now kindly offering the ability to designate two emergency contacts to the system information connected to your driver's license, thus allowing law enforcement "a way to notify your family or friends in the event of a serious crash or other emergency that leaves you unable to communicate."

Click on your state for the online enrollment form.






3. Where Will Vacation 2016 Take You?

Summer in the City? Or a Surfin' Safari? Ace travel consultant, Heather Parker, of Bliss Travel Experiences, mentioned to me that her clients are sometimes surprised to discover that very often there is no additional fee charged to book travel through Bliss: primary compensation comes from commissions paid by hotels, cruises, and tour suppliers.

If you are planning a multi-destination international vacation, Heather's company charges a planning fee of $300 for the research, planning, and design of your itinerary, which covers: all land arrangements, including hotels, car rental, transfers, train travel, one-sites, tours, restaurant recommendations, and coordinated travel documents. With that $300, also comes the peace of mind that your all-inclusive resort or hotel in a far away land is a trusted recommendation.

American Express offers complimentary planning and booking assistance service provided you use their card.

4a. Great Slow Cooker Recipe Websites

As promised, for my client who is still fuming that her husband bought her a "#$@&%*! Crockpot" for Christmas, check out these slow-cooker recipes and have HIM do the grocery shopping:

Food and Network 308 recipes

Rachael Ray 25 recipes

Southern Living 65 recipes

Martha Stewart 42 recipes

Food and Wine 16 recipes

4b. Do You Have a 5-Star Uber Rating?

If you are noticing a less than enthusiastic response to your Uber request, it might have something to do with your rating. Yes, you have one. Go here to learn how to check.

4c. Semi-Colon vs. Colon

Go here for a refresher on when to use each.

5. Valentine's Day Gift Alert

Forget the flowers and candy and behold one of the greatest inventions known to Your Personal Assistant: A single-serving of cake (Salty Caramel, Triple Chocolate, Carrot Cake, Red Velvet, Vanilla, Double Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter, or Spice) and cream cheese icing in a resealable, portable jar. Gluten-free flavors are also available. You can find the at Whole Foods or here at the CakeLove website.