1. Need a Last Minute Holiday Gift?

One of my clients if fond of expressing her Thank You, Congratulations, or Happy Birthday wishes by sending treats. She has used these services, all in the metro DC area:

Captain Cookie & the Milk Man serves DC and Arlington.

Georgetown Cupcake serves the DC metro area, New York City, Boston, and Los Angeles.

Grateful Red Wine (plus white wine, beer, and chocolate) serves the DC metro area, or within 25 miles of their 22201 zip code.

Kingsbury Chocolate and Confections is a good pick for the politico in your life as they offer many a chocolate White House and Capitol.

Popped! Republic

Based in Alexandria, they deliver popcorn in lots of politically-themed flavors within the DC metro area. (They also cater, which is how my client discovered them -- she attended a cocktail party where their popcorn came as bagged appetizers with personalized labels. Super cute and clever.)

2. To Give or Not to Give Your Phone Number?

The next time you are uncomfortable giving out your phone number, such as in a Craigslist or dating situation, remember that in this age of there's-an-app-for-that -- there's an app for that. It's called Burner and for $4.99 a month, you can sign up for a temporary phone number. Go here for more information.

3. Time to Get Out of the Starbucks Line!

Did you know that Starbucks has mobile ordering available at 7,400+ stores? Go here for directions -- or just dive in and pull up your Starbucks mobile phone app: select Order, follow the directions, then sashay on over to your Starbuck's pick-up counter for your already-prepared and prepaid beverage and/or snack. Just. Like. That.

To determine if your local Starbucks offers this life-saving service, select your store in Stores and look for Mobile Ordering under Amenities. Local Boss People will be relieved to know that Mobile Ordering is readily available in Arlington, McLean, Alexandria, and Washington DC.

4. Show Your Empathy

If you have survived a devastating personal loss or a severe illness, you know how the wrong words -- or card -- no matter how well intended, can add a little insult to injury. Meet Emily McDowell and her brilliant Empathy Card collection.

5a. Just Say No

NBC reports here that you don't have to give your store merchant your zip code: it has nothing to do with your credit card; it likely has everything to do with connecting your zip code to your name for mail solicitations. The only time you need to provide your zip code is at the gas station.

5b. 9 Things You Are Doing Wrong on Your iPhone

Oopsie. I'm guilty of a few of these.

5c. Best Day to Buy Air Tickets

According to this Expedia study: the best day to buy an air ticket is a Sunday and the worst day is a Friday.