1. Are You A TED-Head?

If you are, then you'll agree with your personal assistant that the TED talk lecture series site is a very special place in the internet world. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, and the organization is a nonprofit "devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks". If you have 18 minutes and need some motivation, inspiration, information, education, support, and/or entertainment, you should hop on over here and find a video on the subject. This is one of my favorites -- the topic is on body language but if you watch the full video, you'll see it's about so much more.

If you want to attend a live TEDx event, you're in luck if you can be in Arlington, Virginia, on Saturday, October 3. The subject is "Connectedness" and you can click here to attend.

2. Let Your Fingers Do The Tapping

It's easy to locate a business phone number and/or address on the internet, but for me, that's not always been the case when seeking a home number or address.

Fortunately the White & Yellow Pages live on, and I have been enjoying quick success with their app on my phone. Just enter the first and last name, along with the city and state, if you have it. And VOILA, without the creepy, blinking ad that you see online. It's available at both the iTunes and Android app stores.

3. Information You Didn't Know You Needed

a. Here's a link that explains all those emojis you've been using incorrectly.

b. And maybe it's time to clean out the fridge this weekend: here's a useful list of product expiration dates.

3. Time For A "Dip"

Did you get the memo re an October 1 deadline for merchants to make their payment systems "EMV-compliant" to accomodate the new credit cards embedded with computer chips?

EMV, or Europay, Mastercard, and Visa, is a global standard for standard for cards equipped with computer chips. This new systems will make it harder for fraudsters to counterfeit cards.

After the October deadline, the liability for "care-present fraud" will ship to the merchants if they haven't updated their systems to accept the chip card. Unlike the magnetic strip on the back of the cards we've been using, the chip has a unique transaction code that can't be replicated. Some merchants aren't expected to make the deadline, but the new cards will still work in a swipe system until they get there.

You've probably been receiving new credit cards, but it's possible all of your cards won't be replaced by October 1 as different companies have different rollout strategies.

As customers, our responsibility is only to activate our new card(s) and get used to "dipping" (their word, not mine) the card into the slot, waiting for the beep to signal that the transaction is done, instead of swiping the card as before.

Last month my oh-so-thoughtful client had me purchase these oh-so-clever gifts on her behalf.

The 3-piece pajama set was purchased from PJ Harlow, and she had the Callaway Chrome golf balls monogrammed.