1. Got 36 Hours To Plan?

Heading to Chengdu, China or Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this summer and wondering what to do? A client introduced me to the fact that the New York Times publishes a weekly guide called "36 Hours, What to Do When You've Got 36 Hours to Get to Know a City." You can find the guide by doing a Google search, or if you are nomadic, you can purchase all their 36 Hour publications at Barnes and Noble.

2. Airports That Are Kind Enough To Offer Free Wi-Fi

Click here to find a super helpful list of airports that offer free wi-fi, including the code and duration.

You want to make sure you are connecting to a legitimate network and not a rogue site, by verifying the network name, and looking for "https" in the URL bar. It's the "s" that is important -- indicating that the SSL encryption is active.

Before you use free wi-fi, check to see if your software is up to date (but don't be tempted to update on free wi-fi) and you have turned off the file-sharing option on your device.

Once you are done using the wi-fi, be sure to log off of any services you were signed into, and uncheck the "Connect Automatically" checkbox next to the network name.

3. Oops. What To Do When Your Phone Gets Wet.

1. Don't turn it on, you could short circuit the phone. If it was in sleep mode, it's recommended that you turn it off.

2. Take off the phone case and remove the SIM or SD card. If your phone has a removable battery, remove it too.

3. Wipe off excess water. Gently shake out ports, but very carefully -- you don't want to move around water inside the device.

4. If you've dropped the phone in salt water, it is actually recommended that you briefly flush it in distilled water to remove the salt before it dries within the phone.

5. If you have an iPhone built after 2006 and you are unsure if your phone has been damaged, you can look for the Liquid Contact Indicator that will show you whether or not your device has been in contact with water. You can find a table here that will show you were your LCI is on your phone.

6. Submerge the phone in cat litter, couscous (pearl), instant oatmeal, silica gel (or crystal kitty litter), or uncooked rice for 48 hours. This site did an experiment and found that the rice, usually the most recommended drying agent, worked the least effectively.

7. Per Dionne Warwick, say a little prayer.

3. The Rasterbator

A fun rainy-day activity or a great party decoration, use the free wall art generator program The Rasterbator. Upload a photo and be amazed as it is converted into an enlarged version that you can print to create a tiled, poster-size image.

If you don't want to use your printer ink, you can save the image and have it printed at Staples or another copy shop.

One of my clients had me purchase this $150.00 Pendleton 5th Avenue Glacier Park Throw for a wedding gift. It was just one of many gorgeous options on the Pendleton website.