1. Is Your Phone Stalking You?

Did you know that the iPhone, Android, and Samsung phones are automatically set up to track your comings and goings? Every minute of every day -- complete with precise address information?

According to this report on the Today show, Apple retains the information; Android sends all their tracking information over to Google, which can be accessed online. EEK.

This has nothing to do with the GPS, so if you'd like to opt-out of this "feature" on your Android or Samsung Galaxy, go here for instructions.

If you have an iPhone, follow these instructions:

Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and scroll all the way down to > System Services and scroll to Frequent Locations. If it's on, you'll be able to tap there through two screens to get your detailed information. Be sure to clear the history before you turn it off.

And while you are at it, you might want to check that you are opted-out of the advertising tracking too. For more on that, read here.

2. It's Almost May -- Time To Get Your Clark Griswold On!

While researching for a client's summer vacation, I came across a bunch of great information on the internet:

1. Best Travel Days

According to Expedia, Tuesday is the cheapest day to travel.

For long haul trips, they suggest you leave on a Thursday and return on a Monday, if you can, versus Friday to Saturday, to save about 20%.

On shorter flights, the best rates are found when you head out and back on a Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

2. Airline Cancellations Policies

This is a nice concise guide of all the different airline policies.

3. Lost, Damaged, Delayed Baggage

Did you know that you can get compensated by the airlines for delayed bags? Here is an interesting read from, containing the Department of Transportation's baggage liability ruling.

4. Two Great Travel Tips:

a. In the event you have to cancel your hotel room past the 24- or 48-hour cancellation period, one travel expert suggested that you "reschedule" your stay to the following week, and later cancel your reservation before the 24/48-hour penalty period. Isn't that smart?

b. Change your phone's lock screen to an image with your name and alternate contact information so that you can be quickly contacted should you lose your phone.

5. gateguru

This is a fantastic free travel app. Upload it and you can see current and future trips, and be kept up-to-date on security line wait times, delays, gate changes, and layover time adjustments. You can also rent a car and check out the airport's restaurants, shops, and services.

6. tingo

Book your hotel room on this website and they guarantee they will refund you if the price of your room drops between reservation and stay.

3. iTunes Match For iPhone Users Needing Space

iPhone users: Before you put away your phone, have you heard about the new iTune Match? While battling the challenges of updating my client's phone, I stumbled across (insert Hallelujah chorus here) iTunes Match.

For those of you with gobs of music and space issues on your phone, it's your answer to the tune (#seewhatididthere)of $25 a year. Once you subscribe, all of your iTunes music -- including the music you uploaded from CDs -- goes to the iCloud, where it stays until you want to listen to it streamed on to any Apple device. The subscripton is good for 10 devices. After subscribing, you are free to delete all of those songs. When I first hit the delete button, I thought it wasn't working. I soon realized it just takes a while. You'll see it's worth the wait after you notice the difference in your storage space.