1. Online Grocery Shopping.

You slave all day (cough-cough playing Words with Friends) at work. Who has time to go to the grocery store? Have you thought about using an online delivery service?

In the metro DC area, the three most widely used services are: Safeway, Peapod, and Instacart. It costs nothing to sign up.

Of course you pay for the convenience; they all admit they mark up their prices and there is a delivery fee, but I know a few who find it worth the cost.

2. Who vs. Whom = Subject vs. Object.

Always the conundrum, someone recently reminded me of this trick to use when deciding whether "who" or "whom" is correct.

Who or Whom?

As yourself whether the answer should be HE/SHE or HIM/HER.

Example 1: Who/Whom gave me the Cartier watch?

He, the subject of the clause, bought the watch.

Therefore who is correct.

Example 2: Who/Whom should I invite to my soiree?

Should I invite her?

Her is the object of the clause, so whom is correct.

3. Clipping Magic.

Once upon a time, you had to have all the expensive toys to make graphic magic. Now it seems there's a new app or website appearing every week with new ways for amateurs to make their own digital art.

A client is hosting a bridal shower for her niece and she wanted to create a special invitation using an old photo of the lovely Bride-to-Be. Using the website,, I was able to clip the Bride-to-Be out of the photo and use it as an overlay on her invitation.

I used to design the card and some overlays from to add the desired design element. After we were all set, I saved the design as an image and uploaded it to where they allow you to create your own card. The invites were printed on their quality card stock and we had the invitations in the mail within ten days.

Since my client might find it rude to show you the invitation, you'll have to believe me when I tell you it was fabulous, but you can look above to admire Your Personal Assistant's sweet pup BEFORE and AFTER Clipping Magic.

It's a fun site if you like that sort of thing. Very user friendly. You have to sign up to pay $3.99 a month to use their website, but you can cancel any time.