1. I've Got Nothing But Love For theSkimm.

Being the busy bee you are, you need to subscribe to the theSkimm. It's the daily email newsletter you didn't know you needed. It's a concise, entertaining summary of the day's relevant news, and hey -- even Oprah reads it. Your Personal Assistant also appreciates that subscribing only requires an email address -- no personal info and no password is required.

2. A Belated Happy Birthday, Pretty Please.

I was just checking my Facebook -- er, while I was on my coffee break, of course -- and color me nitpicky, but let's be thankful that we'd never wish our friends a Happy Belated Birthday. The birth date isn't late, the greeter is late.

Tsk, tsk, tsk: Wishing you a Happy Belated Birthday.

Yes, please: Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday.

3. Facebook Legacy Contact.

And speaking of Facebook, have you designated your Legacy Contact? It's no longer enough to get your Last Will & Testament and Living Will in order -- now you need to consider designating your Legacy Contact. Who will be that trusted person who, upon your death, will be permitted to either "memorialize" or delete your account?

Go to your Settings (upper right hand corner carat). Choose Security and you'll see it's Legacy Contact as the last option on the Security Settings list.

4. Re-entry In a Jiffy.

Global Entry is a government program that allows pre-approved, "low-risk" travelers to put on their best I'm-Too-Important-For-This face and bypass the long Customs and Immigration lines upon arrival in the U.S.

To enroll, applicants file an online application, pay a $100 fee, and submit to an interview at their local enrollment center. A background check is conducted during the interview, which includes fingerprinting and a photograph. Once approved, your clearance is good for 5 years. Go here for more information.

Once you've been approved for Global Entry, you are eligible for TSA PreCheck, which means you can move through airport security at participating airports without taking off your shoes or emptying the contents of your carry-on bags. However, it is up to you to input your Known Traveler ID Number into frequent flyer programs of the participating airlines so that you are properly identified on your airline ticket.

Note: Only Global Entry members can bypass the lines, so your traveling companions, including children, aren't eligible to join you at the Global Entry kiosk. (However, the TSA PreCheck program will allow family members under the ages of 12 to join you.)

5. Getting The Most Out Of Amazon Prime.

You are likely already enjoying the incredible free 2-day shipping benefits of being an Amazon Prime member (Your Personal Assistant recently jumped for joy after receiving a delivery on a Sunday) but are you taking advantage of the other benefits that come from membership?

Amazon Instant Video offers 40,000 free videos and TV shows, including an HBO collection, to stream instantly on most any device. Like Netflix, there are also videos and TV shows for rent.

Prime Music offers free, ad-free streaming of over more than a million songs. No playback restrictions and the music can be downloaded to your phone or tablet to listen to offline.

The Kindle Lending Library offers over 500,000 books, which include many a best-seller, that are available to check out for free. You may borrow one digital book for free every month -- no due date.

Prime Photos is free unlimited storage space of your digital photos on a secure cloud drive. Once uploaded you'll be able to access them from any device.