1. By Now Your Heart Has Probably Bled Over The Heartbleed Bug.

According to the, the following sites were vulnerable to the software bug, but have since updated their servers to fix the hole and are advising users to update their password.

Click on the site name below and it will take you directly to the site's password reset page once you log in, saving you further clicks.








Amazon Web Services






2. "I need you to teach me how to use my iPhone. You can do that, right?!"

"OF COURSE I CAN," I responded knowing my kids would laugh out loud. For years I have relied on them, on trial and error, and even once on the kindness of a stranger, to operate my phone.

It was time to purchase the "iPhone All-in-One for Dummies" book, written by Joe Hutsko.

Here is a list of some of the more useful information I gleaned as a Dummie. If you already knew about these tricks and features, feel free to mock me for my ignorance. I have teenagers; I can take it.

a. "The metal band around the iPhone functions as two antennae."

My client didn't find this information useful, but it prompted me to correctly suspect that my husband's WiFi connectivity problem was actually an issue with his rubber phone case inhibiting the antennae. Yay me.

b. Multifarious SIRI

If you'd like to give your Siri a little culture and/or a gender reassignment, go to Settings, select General, and find Siri, who is not only a multi-lingual, but also a multi-dialectal. Another plus for the Siri-challenged: you can now choose to raise your phone to your ear to speak with Siri without pressing the Home button.

c. Personal Hotspot Efficiency

You can use the Personal Hotspot function on your phone to connect your iPad or laptop to the Internet should you want to use either in an area without WiFi.

To share an Internet connection using your iPhone's Personal Hotspot feature, follow these steps:

1. Tap Settings on the Home screen. 2. Choose Personal Hotspot. 3. Tap On.

Take note of the Wi-Fi Password given on the Personal Hotspot screen.

If Bluetooth is turned off, a notification appears asking if you want to turn Bluetooth on or use Personal Hotspot only with Wi-Fi and USB. Although you can use Bluetooth, we recommend either Wi-Fi or USB because a Bluetooth connection is painfully slow.

4. Choose one of the options below to connect:

a. To connect a computer using the Personal Hotspot feature's direct cable option, connect your iPhone to your computer with the USB cable. In Network preferences, choose iPhone. Follow the on-screen instructions to configure the connection if this is the first time.

b. To connect a computer or other device (such as an iPad, another iPhone, or an iPod touch) using that device's built-in Wi-Fi feature, choose your iPhone from the list of Wi-Fi networks that appears on the device. Type the Wi-Fi password shown in the Personal Hotspot settings.

5. A blue band appears at the top of your iPhone screen whenever a device is connected.

d. How did I turn on my Do Not Disturb if I didn't know how to turn on my Do Not Disturb?!

My client wondered why she kept finding the Do Not Disturb function on, especially since she didn't know how to even find the feature. It appears she had been inadvertently opening the Control Center and tapping the button. To get to your Control Center, click the Home button and swipe your finger upward from the bottom edge of the screen. There you will find other controls as well, including the calculator, camera, flashlight, and rotation lock. Swipe down to close the Control Center.

3. To Those Of You Who Dismiss Mother's Day As A "Hallmark Holiday," I Say - GASP!

How do you not cherish a day that mandates good behavior by all and a meal you don't have to cook? I don't even need the card, but if anyone insists on a gift, well...

Here are four gift suggestions for the Mother in your life:

1. A gorgeous NY Times bestselling book by Brandon Stanton called Humans of New York. It's about $17, on It's a compilation of Mr. Stanton's beautiful photographs and stories. If you haven't seen his work, stop everything and check out his website.

2. Or is it perhaps time to update the key chain with a premium gold leather tassel key chain with gold toned hardware by Russell + Hazel? It's fun, easy to locate in any handbag, and available in other colors. About $30 at

3. A beveled pave dome ring by Coach would say I-love-my-wife-and/or-mom-and-I-have-impeccable-taste. $98 at If you don't know Mom's ring size, borrow one of her rings and compare it to this size chart.

4. While, hmmmm, a Triangle cashmere and silk Yarnz scarf would scream I-love-my-wife-and/or-mom-and-I-have-impeccable-taste. $130 at