1. My Computer Guy Had Me At There's-A-Cool-App-That-Can-Get-Rid-Of-Your-Junk-Email.

It's called and since I have signed up, I have gleefully elected to unsubscribe from 84 subscriptions that I never signed up for.

Another great feature is that you can always choose to re-subscribe in the future.

2. Most Of Us Threw Out Our Rolodexes With Our Flip Phones, So WHERE TO KEEP BUSINESS CARDS IN 2014?!

Said my frustrated client as she held up her Ziploc baggy of accumulated cards. (Freezer strength, no less.)

She had once kept the info in her email address book, but it became problematic when she switched email sites. And she didn't want them mixed in her phone's personal address book.

Hello CamCard phone and computer app with its glowing reviews and to the best of my knowledge -- the only one that exports to Excel.

Using the app on my phone, I took a photo of each business card. The app cropped, enhanced, interpreted, and converted the cards into a contact list called the Card Holder, which looks a lot like the contact list you have on your phone. A photo of the card appears next to the contact info.

Once the information is stored, you are able to make phone calls, send text messages and emails, visit websites, and locate addresses on a map. You can create additional contacts, with or without a business card and you can share the info with others by text or email. If the card has a busy design, the interpretation can be distorted, but it is easy to make a manual correction. An Excel spreadsheet list of the cards is just a click on the export button away.

3. Come Over to the Organized Side. We have Evernote. says its "the best note-taking and organizational program you'll find, delivers on it's promise to make the information you need available to you anywhere. Reminders, texted notebooks, and other great features make this one killer Web app".

Evernote is literally a digital file cabinet that can be accessed at any time on your phone or your computer. You can record audio, clip entire webpages, record meetings, store receipts, PDFs, spreadsheets, presentation, and share any file.

Some of what I have stored in my account:

  • client files and projects

  • Excel address lists

  • complete college files for my daughter

  • family vacation arrangements

  • Christmas notes & card list

  • personal notes

  • a PDF of my business card & stationary

You can upload anything and search for it by keyword or tag with quick results. I find ways to love this app nearly every day.

4. Yep, Those Really Are Chocolate Eggs You're Seeing At CVS.

Easter is on April 21st this year and that's only six weeks away. It's time to start thinking.

  • Make your brunch or ham reservation.

  • Are you entertaining? has some fab Easter invites if you want to make it easy.

  • Or will you be looking for a clever hostess gift?

  • William-Sonoma has a handcrafted paper mache Easter egg, filled with candy and a chocolate bunny for $27. (If you spend $49, there's free shipping.)

  • Sur La Table has a "vintage-inspired" Easter oven mitt for $13.

  • Pottery Barn has a cute "climbing bunny" votive for $19.50.

  • And Company Flowers, my fav North Arlington florist, makes arrangements to deliver anywhere. I like to send their French Wink, which is the perfect size in a 5x5x5 glass vase, usually filled with buds, berries, roses, mini-cali lillies, and celosia surrounded by penny cress, flotnia or burning brush. It costs about $70 with delivery.

  • You might want to celebrate with the spring weather. Have you scheduled your outdoor maintenance and HVAC appointments?